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Vegetable fat

Vegetable fat

We propose different types of vegetable fat according to applications in order to obtain the best final products.

Biscuits, wafers, paste, cookies PALM 38-40°C
Cakes, muffins, sponge cake PRODA CRÈME 36
Standard chocolate PALM KERNEL 35-37°C
Medium range chocolate PROCHOC 340
High range Chocolate ULTRA CHOCO
Premium Chocolate PRIMA CHOCO
Spreadable paste and fondant WILSPREAD 1000
Coating WILLARINE 800
Ice cream COCONUT 26-28°C, COCONUT HYDRO 31-33°C
Economic cheese PALM 38-40°C
Standard cheese FAT 32-34°C
Premium Cheese COCONUT HYDRO 31-33°C
Margarine HYDROGENATED PALM OIL 40-42 or 42-44 or 45°C
Blends We custom make blends to respond to your requirements
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