Vegetable fat
Vegetable fat
Milk products


Since 1978, Prodalimenta is specialized in the export of raw material and ingredients for the food industry.

Attentive to the quality of our products, we have selected our suppliers with care and are therefore able to offer products from first class producers internationally referenced.

Our experience in the food field enable us to propose products whose functions and specifications comply with our customers’ requirements.

We support our clients in their business development: new products, new recipes, and yield improvement…

To always be connected with our clients’ environment we have opened offices in Algiers and Cairo.


Since 2014, Prodalimenta is offering ANIMAL FEED products.
Sourced from the best world production, we propose cattle feed (especially milk cows) and sheep feed.

Experience and skill

  • 40 years of International business back ground
  • Technical knowledge
  • Constancy in supply and product quality
  • Control and knowledge of local rules


Food is one of the main consumer concern.
That is why all our products are sharply selected in order for you to propose to your client, finished products in which quality and food safety are assured.

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